Wireless Car Charger Magnetic

Frequently Questions and Solutions to Wireless Car Charger Magnetic

What types of mobile phone supports this wireless car charger?

Support all Qi wireless charging phone. For iPhone 8/8 plus/X/XS Samsung Galaxy NoteS9 8/S 8/S 8+/S 7/S 6 and more.

What charging adapter can be used to achieve fast charging?

Please charge with USB port car charger which is QC2.0 or QC3.0 certificated, fast charging requires at least 9V/1.6A and 5V/2A input.

The power of output should correspond the input.

Why it still drops out when use the metal ring?

Please check if you put the metal ring inside your phone case and confirm the thickness of your phone case. If it is too thick, it will lose its magnet.

If you attach the metal ring to the back without phone case or drop it. Please try to attach the holster to the back of the phone case, which is a very secure configuration.

Why can’t it be charged after using it for a while?

a.The phone is shifted. You need to make sure that the phone is in the middle of the sensing area. The metal ring or holster is stably attached to the back of the phone and is generally stable. If you put the metal ring to the back of phone case, try to stick the metal ring to the back of phone without case, or stick the holster to the back of phone case. These are the way to solve your problem.

b.The phone case is too thick. Currently, mobile phone cases of various shapes are popular in the market. Some mobile phone case is too thick, resulting in that cannot be stably transmitted. Stable charging can be achieved by selecting a phone case that is less than 3mm.

c.The power of the transmitter is too small, the receiver cannot reach 2A, and the actual charging only have a power of 0.3A. So, it cannot be charged quickly.

Just use our configured USB car charger port to achieve fast charging.

d.Check if there is the iron on the back, which will affect the power of the charge.