Frequently Asked Questions in Regard to Bluetooth Earbuds

The earbuds cannot turn on automatically when I dropped them out of charging cabin.

Check whether the electricity of charging cabin has run out or the earbuds have been put into wrong position.

It seems that the right earbud ran out sooner than the left one.

The right one is the host earbud, which causes a lot of power consumption on data transmission.

The left and right earbuds could not pair automatically when I turned them on.

The process will give priority to the host earbud (Right earbud) so that they might not pair at the same time.

It is said that the earphones have noise reduction function but ambient noise isn't reduced when I put them on.

Please adjust headphone’s position. Headphones may be incorrectly positioned into ears. Furthermore, ambient noise may not be synchronized with noise-cancelling frequency.

I have made connection with my smartphone for many times, but it failed.

The earbuds haven’t entered pairing status yet or they are under lower power.

During my runs, I found that the earbuds disconnected from cellphone for seconds at a time.

Check whether earbuds and cellphone are put in the same side of pocket or other external interference.

I only use one at a time, if I leave one in the box with it over charge the battery and drain the cell?

No, the charging base only charges each ear bud till the battery is full than shuts off that side.

Can I use one earbud and charge the other when battery is low?

Yes. The right ear bud is the main one so you can only use the right one if the left one is down. But you can’t use the left one without the right one.

How far does the Bluetooth signal pick up?

The working range is 33 feet without any interference. Based on your description, Bluetooth transmission would be affected by wireless signal around and barriers.