Frequently Asked Questions in Regard to GT Series GPS Tracker

When is it fully charged?

The light is red while charging, and will turns off after fully charged.

Where to text the command?

Please use your cellphone to text the command to the sim card phone number of the tracker.

Why does it show the previous location, but the car is no longer there?

It haven't got the current location yet, it will show the current location once it move and connect well, just the signal issue.

Why the tracker suddenly stopped updating it's location after sitting in one place without moving for quite a few hours?

The GPS tracker will goto deep sleep to save the power if it is at the same place over 5 minutes, it will be awake if it moves or detects a shake.

Why the GPS tracker gives me a location in China?

It works if you get our freight company address in China or Hong Kong by texting command url#.

Please follow this, for first time use, you need to take the tracker outdoor, take the sim card out and re-insert it, shake the tracker few times, walk or drive with it til the led light is flashing, text wkmd,0# .

You will get a reply of wkmd,0 ok , then text url#, you will get your current location.

Why text command works, but APP does not?

Live tracking needs stronger signal and consume more battery. Please fully charge the device and drive with it to search the signal, then it should be work.

The APP works but the command URL# always give me the wrong location.

Please try the command URLS# instead of URL#. This is a bug among carriers like Verizon and Sprint where they cut off the end of the text. 

Try to log in to the platform and APP but shows the password is wrong. How to reset the password?

Please visit and click recover password, and check both your inbox and spam, you will get the new temp password. 

Is GT GPS tracker waterproof?

The 2G tracker is water resistance IPX34, and LTE tracker is IPX64, it's ok getting wet, but do not let it in the water for a long time.

Can more than one person check and follow the device online?

Yes, both APP and web platform allow more than one person use the same account at the same time.