Frequently Asked Questions in Regard to AB LTE-M CAT-M NB Series GPS Tracker

When is it fully charged?

Please charge it about 3--4 hours, usually the light is red while charging, and will turns off after fully charged.

How to turn this device on?

Please insert the micro size SIM card, and switch the power key to turn it on.

I have downloaded the Ablegrid APP, and made a user account, it asked me to input the imei#, where I can get that number?

Please input the imei# of the tracker(not the sim card imei# which starts with 89), you can find the it on the bottom of the tracker, it starts with 86.

Can I change the update frequency of the tracker?

Yes, you can change the update interval from the app, please refer to the picture below.


Why the tracker suddenly stopped updating it's location after sitting in one place without moving for quite a few hours?

The GPS tracker will goto deep sleep to save the power if it is at the same place over 5 minutes, it will be awake if it moves or detects a shake.

Where I can place it in my car?

You can almost put the tracker at anywhere, such as car driver side compartment, under the seat, or hood, but never put inside the metal container without any windows, it will block the satellites signal. Anywhere with little bit open space will be fine.